Merry Christmas

This time of year generally brings me to a lot of self-reflection. Self-reflection often makes me look at patterns in my life, and it typically forces me to see the conscious and unconscious choices I make to create those patterns. It always leads me to face the way I’ve allowed myself to be programmed. It never actually feels good, because it’s a place of hatred towards myself, based on the gap between who I think I am and who I think I “should be.” It’s an old mechanism for me, one that reigned supreme in my life when my logical self was the one who wore the pants in this relationship with myself.

I would like to bow my head to all of you who are willing to face yourselves these holidays. This can be a challenging time of year, and most of us are our own greatest challenges. Teach that honest humility to those around you, and be there with them to face and deliver truth no matter how much it hurts.

Where life is easy there may be joy, but where life is difficult there may be growth. Blessings.

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